This Agreement has been established electronically between the following parties within the framework of the terms and conditions specified below.
‘BUYER’ ; (hereinafter referred to as “BUYER” in the contract)
‘SALES PERSON’ ; (hereinafter referred to as “SELLER” in the contract)
By accepting this contract, the BUYER accepts in advance that if he approves the order subject to the contract, he will be obliged to pay the price subject to the order and additional fees, such as shipping fee and tax, if any, and that he has been informed about this.
In the implementation and interpretation of this agreement, the terms written below will express the written explanations opposite them.
MINISTER: Minister of Commerce,
MINISTRY: Ministry of Commerce,
LAW: Law on Consumer Protection,
REGULATION: Distance Contracts Regulation
SERVICE: The subject of any consumer transaction other than providing goods that are made or promised to be done in return for a fee or benefit,
SELLER: The company that offers goods to the consumer within the scope of its commercial or professional activities or acts on behalf or on behalf of the offerer of goods,
BUYER: Real or legal person who acquires, uses or benefits from a good or service for commercial or non-professional purposes,
PLATFORM: SELLER’s website and mobile application named www.goldenhorsecoffee.com.tr,
ORDERER: The real or legal person who requests a good or service via the SELLER’s website www.goldenhorsecoffee.com.tr and its mobile application,
CONTRACT: This agreement concluded between the SELLER and the BUYER,
PRODUCT/PRODUCTS: It refers to the movable goods subject to shopping and software, sound, image and similar intangible goods prepared for use in electronic environment.
3.1.This Agreement has been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation. The parties hereby accept and declare that they know and understand their obligations and responsibilities arising from the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation. The subject of this contract is the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502, regarding the sale and delivery of the product whose qualities and sales price are specified below, where the BUYER has placed an order for the purchase of the Goods/Services belonging to the SELLER and offered by the SELLER in electronic environment through the SELLER’s platform. It regulates the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the Regulation on Distance Contracts.
3.2. In accordance with the legislation, the sales of the products listed below are not within the scope of this contract.
a)Financial services,
b) Sales made through automatic machines,
c) Use of this phone with telecommunication operators via public telephone,
d) Services related to betting, raffles, lotteries and similar games of chance,
e) Creation, transfer or acquisition of immovable properties or rights related to these properties,
f)Residential rental,
g) Package tours,
h) Timeshare, timeshare, long-term holiday service and their resale or exchange,
i) Delivering daily consumption items such as food and beverages to the consumer’s residence or workplace within the framework of the seller’s regular deliveries,
j) Passenger transportation services,
k) Installation, maintenance and repair of goods,
l) Social services to support families and individuals, such as nursing home services, child, elderly or patient care.
4.1. BUYER accepts that he/she has examined, read and understood all general and special explanations on the relevant pages of the Platform and has been provided with the necessary information on the following issues before this Agreement is established by the BUYER’s acceptance from the Platform and before entering into the obligation to place the order and payment. .
a) SELLER’s title and contact information and current introductory information,
b) Appropriate tools-methods for the stages of the sales transaction when purchasing the Products from the Platform and for correcting incorrectly entered information,
c)The Professional Chamber to which the SELLER is affiliated (ITO-Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) and its contact information (444 0 486 – www.ito.org.tr)
d) The rules regarding confidentiality, data use-processing and electronic environment for the BUYER applicable to the BUYER information applied by the SELLER, and the permissions given by the BUYER to the SELLER in these matters, the legal rights of the BUYER, the rights of the SELLER and the rights of the Parties. usage methods,
e) Shipping restrictions stipulated by the SELLER for the products,
f) Payment method-tools accepted by the SELLER for the Products subject to the contract and the total price of the Products, including their basic features and taxes (the total price to be paid by the BUYER to the SELLER, including the relevant expenses)
g) Information about the procedures regarding the delivery of the products to the BUYER and transportation-delivery-cargo costs,
h)Other payment/collection and delivery related to the products